Stop worrying. You’re not alone. Every time you turn around there are numbers to track, reconcile and just plain ponder. No one can do it all. That’s why people like us are on your speed dial. We’ll help you get the big picture and point out the details so you can make informed decisions. These services are for you. Enjoy them.

“The most interesting thing is the loyalty of our clients. Some have been with us since day one. It really speaks to our relationships that our clients have remained with us for so long.”

— Dan Augustine, Schaumburg IL

Tax Planning & Prep

We’ll guide you through a full range of year-round tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that minimize your overall tax liability, maximize your cash flow, and keep you on track to meet your financial goals. We’ll find financial opportunities in our ever-changing tax laws, and even make sense of your receipts, bills and notices.

How a restaurant grew, grew, grew

A client came to us hungry for a way to open twenty new restaurants in five years. To own each site, the estimated cost per location was $2 – 2.5 million for land acquisition, building, leasehold and equipment package.

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Contact Vivek Kapoor, CPA (Tax Manager) at 847-330-0400 or Email Vivek.

Accounting Services

From start-ups to established enterprises, your business relies on accurate and insightful financial information to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities. We’ll steer you closer to your goals with accurate record-keeping and reporting, and provide support on initial accounting system setup, cost-containment, tax planning, investments, and employee benefit and profit-sharing plans.

Accounting services include, but are not limited to:

  • General ledger and financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly, quarterly, or annual)
  • Accounting system setup and support
  • Payroll processing
  • Cash flow budgeting and forecasting
  • Personal financial statements

How one company eased its growing pains

When a client came to us with a plan to expand their plant and equipment footprint, they were concerned that they may have to alter their plans. With the project cost over $10 million, the financing options were cost-prohibitive.

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Contact Daniel V. Augustine, Accounting Manager at 847-330-0400 or Email Dan.

Audit & Attestation Services

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Contact Theodore Derma, CPA (Audit Manager) at 847-330-0400 or Email Ted.

Depending on your company's needs, R.J. Augustine brings you three levels of financial statement assurance – Audit, Review and Compilation.

When third parties require an audit for assurance, we examine your financial statements in accordance with accepted auditing standards. We identify internal controls and test the information before documenting our opinion as to whether the statements are fairly presented. We are your advocate, NOT your adversary.

Financial Statement Audit

Audits offer the highest level of assurance to third parties, and include in-depth examination and confirmation of your account balances, inventories, and selected transactions. We’ll remove errors and confirm that your information is valid and reliable.

Financial Statement Review

Reviews ensure the integrity of your data and provide limited assurance to outside interests. Through inquiries and analytical procedures we confirm financial statement matters and identify any items requiring further analysis.

Financial Statement Compilation

Compilations are usually requested for internal purposes and are based upon information provided by your company's management. They do not offer assurance, but may involve some adjustment to accounting records.

Financial Planning

Without a concrete and transparent financial plan in place, most successful individuals will not achieve their maximum potential over the course of a lifetime. This is why generally our initial work together begins in the financial planning arena. We’ve seen the critical impact of our approach on the lives and families of our clients.

The comprehensive analysis we take you through requires mutual commitment, open introspection, and a willingness to review your situation from a full disclosure perspective. Working with our experienced and multi-faceted team, you’ll quickly gain new insight on your financial life using real numbers and visual representations of your progress towards your goals.

The experience is both enlightening and empowering. Most conclude that our practical, in-depth analysis reinforces some of their personal assumptions, but also points out that there is much work left to be done. After this initial stage of our work, you’ll see systemic change begin to take hold.

We provide a full range of planning services, customizable to meet your specific needs: Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Business Owner Planning, Charitable Planning and Life Goals Planning.

  • Our services in these areas include, but are not limited to:
  • In-depth financial analysis of current situation
  • Establishment of life financial objectives, both short and long term
  • Creation of realistic timeline and quantification of success
  • Team analysis and explanation of opportunities
  • Written analytics and recommendations
  • Open communication in the form of family and team meetings to determine chosen path from
    recommended options.

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